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Shopfitting Durban are full service shopfitters that offer you a complete solution in all your shopfitting needs. From planning, designing, manufacturing, installation and project management.

Attractive Shop Fittings is the best way to get more customers

If you are about to start your business then you are probably already feeling a little nervous and rightly so. Starting your own business is not an easy task as it requires lots of efforts, money and hard work.

shop fitting durban
Shop Fitting Durban

If you are thinking of starting your business then there are certain things that you need to consider as these things in order to make your business successful and to ensure that you do not make a financial mistake that could be impossible to reverse.

If you want your business or shop must be full of customers then you need to take a look at the physical look of your shop. You need to pay attention to you fittings as they could probably attract a lot more customers just through their visual aspects.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Forget you are an owner. Consider whether, based on the design and style of your shop fittings, you would rather enter and do business in your own shop or in the shops of others only because their shops are more inviting and help you to see the products you are looking for better.

By doing this you will realize why fittings are so necessary. The study of your shop fittings is an innovative way of looking at the shopping experience from the retailer’s perspective. Whenever a person starts a business or shop, the first thing he or she considers is the shop fittings.

As the business owner, this person will decide where to put shelves and many other factors that are similar. If you are feeling the need for a revamp of your fittings then go for it! The make-over will be extremely beneficial.

Shop fitting involves displaying merchandise in the most agreeable way for your customers. Good shop fittings will help you to attract more customers to enter your shop. This is one of the most important benefits of shop fittings.

Attracting customers is always a good thing as this will enhance your business. Every business is started with the aim of gaining profits. You will gain more profits if you renovate your fittings for the better.

If you are ready for a fitting revamp then you will need to hire some professional shop fitters and maybe do something investigation into the types of shop fittings on offer via the internet.

Professional shop fitters know everything there is to know about fittings from which shelves to put where and how to hang the shelves correctly, for example. As mentioned above only a professional will have all of the knowledge regarding the implementation of fittings. Therefore, it is advisable to get services from professional shop fitters.

You might also want to choose the style and color of your shop fittings according to the color brand of your product and to this end you might want to arrange a meeting with your shop fitter before starting the fitting procedure. This meeting will enable you to plan for things that you might not have considered beforehand? For example, which material would be best for installation?

Shop fittings selection and installation should be given more attention and time than at first might seem necessary because the way your locale appears to the general public is extremely important and the mechanics behind the attractive designs is important to ensure that your fittings last for years and years should you wish them too.

With this in mind, get searching on the Internet for some specialists in the field and get talking before you start to buy. This makes much better business sense all round.


Quality Shop Display Cabinets with Shop Fitting Durban

Shops need to be well organized, not to just achieve that neat look but also as a way of making it easier for customers to find and reach the items that they are looking for during their shopping sessions. Display cabinets have a way of reflecting the professionalism and quality of the business and this manages to fetch you a strong clientele you know you can rely on. The best shop display cabinets are those made using high quality materials and come at a reasonable price.

Classic Shop Display Cabinets vs Shop Fitting Durban

Shop fitting durban
Shop Fitting Company Durban

The shop fitting industry comes with an array of solutions for the business people. It has lots of different kinds of display cabinets to offer. They come in varying sizes and are also made using different kinds of materials and hence depending on the types of items that are to be displayed, it becomes easier for the business owners to choose the shop display cabinets which are most suitable for their wares and also leave the shop looking tidy and neat.

The right display cabinets

With the huge variety of shop display cabinets in the market today, it can be blinding to find the most suitable and the needed solution for your shop. However, by keeping in mind what you expect from the cabinets, you will manage to find the most suitable cabinets for your shop.

Right display cabinets for your shops are those which offer you a long lifespan. This makes it important to consider the materials that have been used to put the display cabinets together in relation with the items you will be storing or displaying in the cabinets.

They should also offer you better and well organized store presentation so that apart from making it easier for you to take stock and find what you need, the customers will also have an easy way around the shop when getting what they came looking for. They should offer easy access to the customers.

What you settle for should also be in a position to place your shop high on the ranks when it comes to professionalism and quality. People have a way of judging things by the way they appear and the same goes for your shop.

The shop display cabinets considered to be right for their function should manage to put into better use the available shop space and also logistics. This is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing among the many options in the market.

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Shop Fitting Company in Durban

Commercial Shop Fitting Company Durban for Best Retail Products and Services

If you are planning to open a retail stores or any service shop there is no need for you to break brains regarding the design and the store fitting supplies as you can now avail all shop fitting Durban from a single platform. This would save you lot of time and efforts as the shop fitters shall measure the available space in your shop and accordingly plan and design the shop layout to install all the necessary equipment in an aesthetic and functional manner for you to start the shop within no time to allure your customers. The commercial shop fitters Durban source all the necessary equipment and supplies from the store fixtures suppliers Durban who offer quality products in exceptional cheap price compared to the western stores. However, dealing with Durban suppliers requires good management skills and the Durban Shop Fitting Company has their full time bilingual staffs who are qualified project managers to ensure that the client’s specifications are met in product sourcing and manufacturing of the store supplies.

The commercial shop fitters Durban fully understands your brand image and customer expectations to come up with the best shop fits that match to your requirements. They use a blend of materials like metals, plastic, glass, wood and acrylic in supplying full store Fitouts, custom displays and off the shelf products that can be chosen for your shop needs. With the ready-made shopfitting supplies Durban it is very easy to set up a shop with all products delivered on time as a “store in a box” packages that is shipped directly to the stores ready for installation. They also supply modular and custom construction designs to stores that need a quick setup in limited space to display their products or services.

Any time you can find the commercial shop fitters Durban stocking more than 2200 quality fixtures and fittings that can be customized according to the client requirements to help them open new stores or expand the existing ones within no time. The Durban supplies brand promotional products, product display products, fixtures, hooks and accessories, POS and also signage required to effectively promote and enhance the in-store environment to successfully attract the customers to generate better sales. So whatever might be your store you can always rely on the shop fitting Durban who help you with the store design, sourcing and logistics of the products required to open your shop ready for business operations.


  • Our facilities apply extensive internal quality controls before any product is packaged for shipment.
  • Durban Shopfitters endorses the use of locally manufactured and/or supplied product wherever possible.
  • The footprint of our group facilitates efficient backup to our teams whenever and wherever required.
  • The close relationships we enjoy with our logistics partners enable us to cost effectively deliver your product.