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How to pick the Right Shop Fitting Durban Service

So you have the right design vision for your retail store, and now all you need is the right shop fittings Durban South Africa. The good news is that shopfitting in Durban is very straightforward and there is a wealth of shop fitting services that can take care of your needs. Choosing the right shopfitter is not only critical but it is essential because shop fittings Durban South Africa can make or break the final appearance of your store or retail business.

Shop fitting in Durban requires that you prepare your budget and evaluate your needs to find the best shopfitting service. The selection process may take some time and research but keep in mind that selecting the wrong service for shop fitting in Durban can result in disastrous consequences. If you are currently looking for shopfitting in Durban, here is how to pick the right shopfitter:

Prepare before shop fitting in durban

Before you start shopping for shop fitting in Durban ensure that you prepare adequately. The preparation process will entail carrying out a lot of research to find out what your target audience needs and is looking for, as well as what their shopping habits are.

The shopfitter that you pick should understand all your needs so that the service can assist you to set the mood and achieve the ambiance that you want. The right shopfitting Durban service should install a design that makes your customers feel comfortable and one that stands out so that you can compete against other similar businesses. A winning storefront should be professional, convenient and extremely well laid out.

Research the shop fitter Durban

When you have a clear goal in mind for what you want your store to look like, it is time to start researching the shopfitting services available. You can start the process by conducting a simple Google search with the words “shop fittings Durban South Africa“.

Next, you should go through the shopfitter’s website thoroughly to get a sense of their services and level of professionalism. The website should contain pictures of both the interior and exterior designs and there should be plenty of information available describing the projects that the company has carried out as well as some of the problem areas that the service managed to fix.

Customer feedback and reviews

Make sure that you check the client feedback and the reviews to determine whether the shopfitting service is worth your money. The shopfitter that you pick should respect your design wishes and behave in a professional manner during the fitting.


Five Very Crucial Must-knows When Choosing Shop Fitters for Your Business

Selecting the right shopfitter best for your business can be a lengthy, tiresome ordeal. Yet a shop fitter is the kind of person to add a subtle touch of charm and make your business attractive to your customers. A good image attract can attract as many customers both in every dimension inside and outside the business premises as possible.

Again, you can hire Shop fitting Company to do the design your business and ensure it looks modernized and urbane all-year-round. And so, before embarking on a field of searching best Shopfitting Company or a shopfitter for your business, determine what your shop needs are, your target customers and what their habits are.

How do go about when choosing the best shop fitter? Here are tips to help you select best and unique shop fitters Durban.

1.      Select an excellent communicator

A brilliant speaker is a good seller – pointblank. If you can get someone who is good at speaking he or she will help talk and entice your customers well that they will be coming back. Your shopfitter will want to understand your expectations and will work for best results. A good relationship with your fitter will make work more comfortable when a problem arises.

2.      Search Shopfitting companies that have offers

Consider a company that gives out a full range of services, including design installation and execution of a job-well-done. This will widely help you with your business fit out saving you some cost. Again, you will help in some other services hence be able to resist the agony of searching for another company to perform the function.

3.       Look at the level of experience

Level of experience is fundamental to when selecting right shopfitter or shop fitting company for your business. Your fitter should have at list worked in different shops and able to deliver positive results. For a company that provides references hires them too.

4.      Choose someone who can explain well your product to your customers

Potential shop fitter should be able to tell all process of your product. Knowing what is going on in the business will bring a lot of impact on the store.

5.      A shopfitter should provide guarantee satisfaction

A fitter should be able to give the pleasure of high-quality workmanship and products. Don’t allow lazily and who fails to offer this benefit to your business.

Bonus tip: make sure you select a Shopfitting company or a fitter that is known to many people for their excellent work. You can as Mr Google or even ask around, most definitely you will gather a couple of referrals.

5 Shopfitting Misfires and Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs

Often neglected by retailers in Durban, shop fitting is an indispensable aspect of getting your shop ready for your customers. A well-executed fit-out done by an experienced and reputable shop fitting company can do wonders for your retail store. It can not only spruce up the shopping experience for the customer but can also generate a long list of loyal customers in the long term.

With that said, not all shop fittings are created equal. If don’t hire the right shopfitters in Durban, you might end up with the following mistakes that can cost you oodles of money in lost customers and growth opportunity.

Mistake #1: Hiring the Wrong Shop Fitting Company

It’s a no-brainer to make due diligence in order to find shopfitters in Durban with a track record of delivery. That means doing a little research, calling references, and checking out reviews to make sure that the right company does your shop fitting.

Mistake #2: Poor Lighting

For the best shop fitting results, the shopfitters in Durban should take care of every interior detail, from the floor to counters to lighting and everything in-between. Every fit out element goes to make your shop attractive and create a shopper-friendly ambiance. Oftentimes that means installing proper lighting.

As such, you need to pay keen attention to 3 aspects of your lighting  — the temperature of the light, the placement, and energy efficiency. Any mismatch in the lighting elements mentioned above can ruin your in-shop environment.

Mistake #3: Improper Shelving

Well-designed and properly installed shelving can do wonders for your shop. From the heights to spacing and finishing, every detail of your shelving can generate an inspiring in-shop experience that encourages customers to buy.

Mistake #4: Disorganized Display

A great shop fitting should allow for easy organization of your products as per the taste and preference of the customers. If the displays are mis-designed or happen to be disorganized, browsing through your products can be an arduous task. That’s a big no-no, and you might end up losing paying customers.

Mistake #5: Wanting Counter Design

We can all agree that the value of counters to your bottom line is absolute, but most retailers overlook the design aspect. You see, the design and appeal of the counter and checkout area leave a huge impression on the customer. That’s why you need to bring in top-notch shopfitters in Durban to do a bang-up on the design aspects of the counters.

AUTHOR: Ryan Lloyd
Shop Fitting Durban

Plan Ahead Shop Fitting Durban

If you are planning to open a new shop or your current one isn’t pulling enough foot traffic, you might want to rethink your shop fitting. You see, a poorly designed and executed shop interior is a sure-fire recipe for failure in business. If your shop fitting is uninteresting, difficult-to-navigate, poorly lit or often crowded, the customers will surely decide to shop somewhere else. That’s why you need a reliable, experienced, and trustworthy shop fitting company in Durban to help you take your shop interior to the next level.

In this quick guide, we’ll walk you through three tried-and-true tips on how to plan an effective shop fitting project.

Plan Ahead Shop Fitting Durban

If you want your shop fitting to spruce up your customers’ shopping experience efficiently, you need to start by thinking about the space available. From then, you can begin working out the best shop interior, including fit-outs, additions, paintwork, fixtures, and so forth.

Planning a shop interior early on in the shop fitting process will save you not only money but also lots of effort and time. Ask any bespoke shop fitting company in SA, and they’ll you a poorly-planned shop fitting will cost you dearly in the long run.

Hire a Professional Shop Fitting Company from Day 1

Why go through all the planning trouble when a pro can come in handy? That’s right — you need to hire a reputable shop fitting company right from the start. In fact, a shop fitting company worth its salt will start by conducting a free site survey of your shop. After that, the examiners can give you a free, accurate quote and come up with CAD drawings that can help you order all the supplies needed the shopfitting warehouse.

Make it Customer-Driven

What makes your shoppers happy and more satisfied? That’s precisely what you should be going for in your shopfitting. It’ll also determine what design materials to buy from a top-notch shop fitting warehouse. In the end, a great shop fitting company should be able to offer you actionable, expert advice on the best way forward.

Working with a shop fitting company should be rewarding, cost-effective, and hassle-free. That’s exactly what Shop Fitting Durban delivers to clients every day.

Shop Fitting Durban
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You cannot underestimate the power of well-done shop fitting company.

Shop Fitting Company in Durban

In today’s competitive business climate, you cannot underestimate the power of well-done shop fitting company. In essence, a well-designed and finished shop space significantly increases foot traffic and the number of time customers spend in your store. So, top-notch shop fitting in Durban is vital for boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

Even so, retail shops have to go above and beyond to meet customer expectations. That’s why your shop fitting in Durban should be able to connect customer’s online and in-shop experiences.

With that said, it pays to keep up with the latest and hottest trends in the shopfitting company world in order to offer your customers the wow factor and take sales to the next level. The following trends will keep retail stores and shopfitters in Durban busy in 2018.

(1) More Colour Play

A great shop fitter company Durban knows how to bring an interplay of colours to add a flare of style, functionality, and elegance to a shopping space. In 2018, we expect to see more colour ranges blend with the gamut of classic ones in the interior design palette.

Don’t be surprised to see funky coloured trims, panels, and inserts donned in the rainbow spectrum, such as orange, red, blue, green, yellow, pink, and purple. More than that, fittings and fixtures will see an addition of 13 fabulous colours. Talk of silver lids (to hide unsightly dirt/dust), pink multi-purpose boxes, and industrial blue.

(2) Brand Customization will Take Centre-Stage

All shopfitting suppliers in Durban worth their salt know that personalisation is the game-changer in marketing brands and merchandise. More and more shopfitters in Durban will offer custom printing services geared toward product displays, promotional booths, exclusive deals, signage, and flags to name a few. You can expect 2018 to be the year of personalised stands, counters, portable boards, and walls for conferences, festivals, bars, and even dining areas.

(3) The Era of Raised Roof

We’ve already seen ceiling go up, and in 2018 they’ll certainly go higher. The beauty of high ceiling is simply unbeatable! Good shopfitters in Durban South Africa knows that raised roofs creates compelling ambience, contributes to the aesthetic as well as acoustic appeal, and instills a sense of freedom in consumers.

(4) The Entry of Social Media

You are probably engaging your customers on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. In 2018, however, you can kick it up a notch by bringing in the social media feel to your shopping space. Savvy and trendy shop fitters in Durban will help you build the so-called “social wall” where they can engage, like, and share their interests in-store.